Photograms, Transparent Vinyl Records.
The sharp contrast of the technique in my work made me think about imprints, binary, positive a negative modes.
Digital photography transforms objects, light, space and time, into data.
Vinyl records transform sound, space and time into data.
It is possible to accept the reality of sound recordings, as it is possible to accept the reality of digital photographs. Both are instances of something ’that-has-been’.
Both are joined to a reality, and show/resonate a referent.
Now that AI can render imagery that has never been, the substantiation of the digital photograph is restored.
I am showing the traces, the imprints of the sound in a sort of scientific microscopic way.
Photographs, invented by chemical scientists, began as seemingly empirical representational devices. If one still considers the photograph in such a way, for recording empirical data…has the digital image been rejected by the science community as speculative and not fit for the purpose of recording data?


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